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New diet, new me?

So it´s now 10 days since I decided to focus on my health again. In these 10 days I´ve lost weight 4,7kg (117,8 -> 113,1), did 1 bike training indoors, 1 swim and 3 short runs.

For the first few days I did really strict keto, which wasn´t even that hard to keep if you don´t have any social happenings. I kept my carbs under 20g daily and ate rather simple but nutritious food. I am not sure if strict keto is for me but at the moment you could call me diet keto-omad-if-lowcarb mix, depending on the day. Let´s see how this progresses and then I will write more about it.

Yesterday I also cleaned my bike, put it on the trainer and did my FTP test for upcoming indoor season. I am using Trainerroad for my cycling and since I started this early this year I will start with the Sweet Spot Base – Low Volume 1 and 2 (12 weeks), before moving in to Triathlon specific plans. FTP had gone up few clicks from last year, though still under 2W/kg. 20 minute RAMP test gave me a FTP of 218.

So let´s see, for now I will do the biking Tuesday – Thursday – Tunday. Will try to swim Wednesday & Friday and run Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I won´t be too hard on myself in the beginning if I miss a training or two. The main thing is to make it a habit to do minimum ~5 times sport per week and when this is maintained from week after week, then look to increase to 7-8 trainings.

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